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January 2021 Enhancements, PPC Entourage (Sponsored Brands Video Data, Sponsored Brands Auto Pilot)

System-wide enhancements for PPC Entourage and new Auto Pilot functionality

We've been working hard to make PPC Entourage even more powerful and user friendly. Here's a rundown of January 2021's enhancements and upgrades....

1. Sponsored Brands Video Data Now Included

We've added Sponsored Brands + Video ads data into your main metrics (including True ACoS and trending metrics) so that you're able to get a more well-rounded picture of what your overall ad spend revenue, and ACoS are.


2. Auto Pilot for Sponsored Brands - Now Available!

All of the time saving, ACoS cutting, revenue generating automation you love about Auto Pilot is now fully available for Sponsored Brands! Log in, set your automation rules, and then sit back and relax as Entourage takes care of the rest.


3. Coming Soon

Here's a glimpse of what's coming soon from Entourage...

  • Sponsored Brands Video Auto Pilot
  • Sponsored Display Auto Pilot
  • Site-wide Negative ASIN targeting.